Lets talk automatic doors for the chicken coop!!

May 5, 2021
Hello all! Winter is coming and as of now, our coop door is attached to our run so our 6 chickens can come and go from their coop into their run everyday. With winter coming, and cold weather, i need to consider a door for the coop. I would ideally prefer an automatic door that will open every morning for them. I am here to ask for advice on a good brand or design. I have read stories of chickens getting smooshed! I would also prefer a battery operated door that will open on a timer daily for the winter. Thanks in advance! 🐓❤️


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Jul 24, 2019
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I have the Happy Henhouse and it's been working great. A year and a half old now, no problems whatsoever. The door itself is lightweight and lowered by gravity - nothing actually pushing it down - so there's no way it could hurt anything. It also stops when it touches anything on its way down. It's battery operated and has both a timer function and a light sensor, so you can choose how to set it. You can adjust the lumens on it, too - just how dark it should be when it opens or closes, to avoid it closing on cloudy days.


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Vinyl flaps will be to keep out winter drafts.

Presumably the door is much lower than the roosts so the door ads to the total ventilation requirements I would think?

But I do not know your set up, maybe the door faces the prevailing winds? Or you already have 1SF per bird 24/7 ventilation in the coop so it's not an issue?

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