Lets Talk WINE!!!!!


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Aug 4, 2008
Fuquay Varina, NC
Ok... so I love wine... I drink quite a bit.

Cheap wines... pricey wines.... reds.... zins.... ect.

I like to try wines...

SO, what I'm saying is I'm asking everyone to talk about their favorite wines and WHY you like them.

List the following though:

Wine Vineyard Name:

So here's mine for the evening:
Wine Vineyard Name: Alice White
Type: Lexia
Price: $6.99
Thoughts: I love the sweetness and the underlying tones of apricot and berries. It is a smooth and soft wine, not very bitter and not too dry. I find it very bold for a white wine... it is also available it red which is a tad bit drier. Definitely worth the price, and I am starting to like the whole collection other then the merlot which is WAY too dry for my tastes.

So list your favorites and why too!!!


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Apr 27, 2009
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Ok... I am not a huge connoisseur... but I love Jordan wine from the Jordan winery in California. 1995 is about the best year and you cannot find it anymore.

Back story... my oldest daughter's name is Jordan and she was born in 1995. Someone gave us a bottle and we fell in love. It is delicious. If we had known what a good year it was and how hard it would be to find it, we would have bought every bottle we could. As it is, we have 2 bottles and a bottle of 1997.

J their champagne is also good.


Yoga...The Chicken Pose
11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
Fuquay Varina, NC
I may have to give them a try... I'll look for some of their older years too. I prefer Alice White's 2007 Red lexia over their 2008 version... Its not too far off though!!!

I'm drinking their alice white cabernet sauvignon 2008 right now... not hugely happy with it, but its not bad! Again, not super dry... and for $6.99 well worth it!

Oh...and here's a link!

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Sep 24, 2008
Graham Wa.
Hmmm I like reds like Syrahs and Cabs.... throw in a merlot mix ...shhh don't tell my wine friends they are merlot haters hehehe

so my pick this week is a
Vineyard: Casas De Perque in Chile
wine name: Casas De Perque Reserve Cabernet 2007

Not bad, actually quite good:
Has a hint of blackberries with some vanilla undertones oh and a hint of chocolate witha spice I cannot quite place.....
This would go good with a nice T-Bone Steak....
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English Chick

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Jun 27, 2008
Cheshire UK
I love Champagne ............ Moet & Chandon

I also love Californian Whites

South African Reds.........fabulous

Australian Reds..............again mostly fab .......

But I don't drink red wine very often any more due to the high alcohol levels in them, my palette loves them, my head does not.

I mostly these days stick to Blossom Hill California White which has a low alcohol level of 11.5% (here) and costs £5.00 (=$8.00) ........

Champers as Moet is approx £25.00 per bottle here we only drink that now, on special occasions .................. or cheat and have a bottle of Cava, love the bubbles! ..............


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Jul 9, 2008
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ohhhhh goody! Like this topic!

We love going to the wine shows when they have them here or just visiting a vineyard (we're surrounded by them)
I'm not big on reds (trigger my migraines) and care more for a semi-sweet wine, and definately not a dry. Dont like any Cabernet or Penots that much, I can do some Viogniers - I'm more a Reisling type. I absolutely hate anything "oaky" flavored, it has to be done in a stainless steel barrel or it again, triggers migraines for me
for some reason *same with burning wood or campfires...*. Desert wines are too sweet, but a semi sweet desert is okay.

Barboursville makes a delish blush I love as well as their Reisling 2007.

Coopers Vineyard makes a few concord based that I adore; Sweet Louisa, and then there is Vida (an ice wine but vida grape based) - and they also make a white called Rhapsody that is terrific. Their Noche Chocolate is heaven in a glass
like drinking chocolate raspberry cake for desert!

Peaks of Otter has terrific wines - I love them all! LOL All are desert wines but boy are they good. Their Peach and Pear are my favorites. Chili Dog is a great cooking wine (spicy and hot)!

Gosh there are so many I like! LOL I think Coopers is my favorite though with Barboursville a close second.
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Dec 27, 2007
Absolute best $10.00 bottle of Zinfandel is: Gnarly Head. 14.5% alc. too..........


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Dec 31, 2008
Carthage, NC
I like sweet wine. My fav these days is Duplin Hatteras Red. It is made right here in NC. It is cheap wine but I like it. I would love any suggestions on sweet/dessert wines.


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Jan 1, 2009
North Carolina
OK I have to whine about wines, shouldn't this be in the recipe forum?
Sorry I just couldn't resist whining, but I don't drink any alcohol. But I do understand that Boones Farm and Ripple are some fine wines and cheap too. Do they even make those still?

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