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    Jan 4, 2009
    I have a small flock of chickens that I set up last fall to run a little test ...you can read about this test in another post in a different thread...sex-link chickens.. The flock consists of 4 rhode island red hens, 4 white leghorn hens, and a RIR rooster. These birds have all come from show quality birds...the Rooster took a reserve and 2 of the white leghorn hens took grand...last summer. The product of these birds will be white eggs that should be sex-linked, I hope, and brown eggs that will of course be RIRs.
    I propose to collect all the eggs from this flock for 4 days or how ever many eggs I can safely fit (maybe 16) in a Large flat rate box from the usps and ship it to someone Priority Mail in trade for ?????
    I had thought about selling these eggs but want to fertility check them first...I have some in the incubator now...and I am not quite sure of the whole sex-link thing....hence the test.
    Anyone interested???
    I am interested in bantams...Just a new phase I'm in...Leghorn bantams....
    respond in a post I'll get with you about the details.

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