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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by HEChicken, Nov 15, 2010.

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    Awhile back I remember reading a post about a letter someone had written to their neighbors explaining the basis for compensation (after the neighbor's dog had killed their chicken). I've done a search but can't find that letter. I'm hoping someone else has it bookmarked and can help? As I recall it was a very well-written, non-threatening letter explaining what it costs to raise/replace a laying hen, contained instructions for paying the bill, and also detailed the next step the writer intended to take if the neighbor refused to pay the bill. I'm in a similar situation now and would like to reference that letter while writing my own. TIA....
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    Oh, I am so lucky. My neighbor's two labs came and killed a couple of my call ducks and I think 3 of my chickens. They were also attacking our golden retriever. My husband tried to shoot the dogs and chased them home (about 1 mile away). He talked to the dog's owner and the dog owner said he would pay whatever I wanted for replacement. This was even after my husband told him if those dogs come in our yard again they would be dead. I waited till spring and ordered 8 mallards and 5 call ducks and he paid for them all.

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