letting a broody have chicks, will it make her want to brood a lot?

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    hi guys! if one of my hens every goes broody, i would love to get some eggs from a friend of mine just to let her hatch them out an be a momma hen. then i would give the chicks (once they grew up) back to my friend, cuz i can only have so many chickens. i told hubby my plan and he said "that's not a good idea! won't it make her want to hatch out chicks all the time?" he's afraid it will encourage her to be broody all the time. and would it also encourage my other hens to be broody too?
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    Doubtful. When shes broody, she will take care of the eggs and chicks. After shes done, she has as much chance of getting broody as she did before she went broody, or as much as any other bird.
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    Yep. If a bird goes broody, it's just a part of her nature. Some strains of breeds, and some breeds, are more or less broody than others. There's no changing that, even with allowing it or preventing it. The only way, as a lot of hatcheries do, is to breed it out.
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