letting mama hatch her own babies...


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Apr 2, 2012
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So this is my first experience letting mom do what nature intended. I've seen some behavior that I can't quite figure out on my own. First of all, I'm finding newly hatched ducklings all over the floor of the coop! And mom is making no attempt to get them back to the nest! If i try to put them in the nest for her, she begins pecking at the poor babies! I also went out to check on the progress of an egg that is zipping, and all of a sudden mom begins pecking at the egg...and then she picks it up & throws it out of the nest! Yes, I know...lots of exclamation points. Lol. Is this normal behavior or do I have a psychotic mama duck?
Some ducks just don't get the mom thing at first. Some never do. So you get to intervene on behalf of the babies. Take them out, brood them if she hurts them.
Thanks, Amiga. I know that nature can be pretty cruel at times, and I guess I'm trying to find the right balance of letting mom's instincts tell her what to do while I intervene when she messes it up royally. Just needed someone to confirm my own maternal instincts!

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