letting the girls out while Im gone and rain ??


8 Years
Jan 30, 2011
Western montana
I was thinking that my girls should be out side during the days Im gone to work, but its been raining every day. can I open there door and leave it open and will they go back inside or wil they just stand in the rain?? I have not tried this yet, its so cold at night here still and snow predicted I worry they will get wet and get sick from the cold.
They will be out in the rain and be fine. Mine are loose in the icky rainy PNW weather and they are just fine, even the small pullets. As long as they have all their feathers they will be fine.
I learned last night when my 10 week old chicks got left in the storm ( i didnt get home in time) they are smarter than I gave them credit for.. 2 were smushed up in a bucket that had blown on its side and were perfectly dry, and found 4 others in an overturned dog house, none the worse for wear.... but my little bitty dibbies (4weeks) wern't allowed in the dry by the bigger older kids, they tried to get to places for shelter. only had one near death experience but got her back and shes full of energy this am ( in the bath room for a couple of days to make sure shes ok though)
Yesterday was the first day I left my flocks out while I wasn't home.. it wasn't the storm I was worried about..( honestly hadn't heard the weather to know???) but I usually keep them up while I'm gone due to predictors.. I worry about feral cats and fox, coyote, etc out here.. not to mention stray dog that might wonder in, without my dogs to keep them out.. ( they don't stay outside while im gone either)
good luck with your little flockers...


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