Letting you kids Manhandle your chicks


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May 26, 2009
I wanted to ask if anyone lets their kids manhandle their chicks.

I have a 5 year old and a 6 year old. They love our girls and I have found that the coop is a place they tend to want to go to to get away from the other kids a bit. With that, they also love to hold the chicks. They are gental (well the girl is, the boy needs work) and they hold them correctly but it is frequent. (honesty: I am waiting for my daughter to attempt to put a leash on for a "walk" . )

My thoughts are it worked for the cats and they are the most tame gentel creatures (should be up for sainthood soon).

Any one find that this works ?

(please note we have a rule that they must wash their hand after haneling the birds)
My grandkids are older than that, and are allowed -- but are not allowed to chase them down. Obviously, you are supervising, and mine are also required to be supervised. Otherwise, I see no problem with it. I figure they help to get all those chickens tame enough for me to handle for care when needed.
Ive noticed a big difeerence in our chicks since I let my DD's play with them-ones 13 and other 10-the 10 yr old cannot help but play with them every chance she gets-as do I. I think it really gets them used to being handled. Last July we got chickens for the first time at 4 weeks old-they were so freaked out by us! They never really got tamed or gentle, all though they will allow us to hold them if needed-the roo not so much he is satan! I would let your kids play with them-as ling as they are doing it the right way what hard can come from that?
My eight year old son carries Lulu (one of my Mom's chickens) around like a rag doll (draped over his arm) every chance he gets. Lulu is about as tame as it gets. He brings Brownie in to wake up his brother and Miss Prissy (my daughter named her that) sits on the gate and is quite happy to be picked up. As long as the chickens come to him he can pick them up but his is not allowed to chase them down. He goes out bearing treats.
Sounds like you teaching them all the right stuff, good job!

They should wash their hands BEFORE handling the chicks, too.
as long as they are gentle and know how to hold them and do not chase them and do not put them ito their mouth,, you can send your kids over here to hold my chickens.

I wish I had more time to do it..

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