LF Blue Orpington Cockerel - local pick-up only, western WA state

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    My big beautiful boy has got to go! Hatched by my girls from a local breeder's stock in July, he just crowed for the first time this morning. So he's officially got to find a new home. He was raised by my flightiest broody in my back yard, so he isn't super warm and fuzzy for people. He is NOT aggressive at all, however, and is very bribable with food! Just recently he's been trying to flex his muscles a little with the ladies, but so far it's not working out very well for him!

    He moves around aLOT and is hard to photograph... If you'd like me to try for some more pics, I'd be happy to! This picture doesn't do him justice and it's hard to get a grasp of his size. He's much bigger already at 6months old than my huge black Orpington girls.

    I'd love to find him a home where he won't be destined for the soup pot... Price is totally flexible and I am willing to try and meet someone if distance is a problem (my daughter does gymnastics and we will be traveling for meets a few times this spring)! I just want him to be able to live out his roo life in health and happiness. Sadly my neighbors don't find crowing as charming as I do or I'd keep him!

    If you're interested, PM me!!! [​IMG]

    Thanks for looking!
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    check ur pm please

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