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    Sep 14, 2008
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    Hi there, I'm looking to add a new breed to my flock. I am only interested in heritage stock (where applicable)--no hatchery stock please!

    I have a few that I would like to have, but I'm having trouble finding them. So here's a list of any that have struck my fancy. [​IMG] I'm only looking to add 1 new breed. Thanks

    Please message me if you have ANY of the breeds listed, I am not good at navigating this new site and don't know that I can find this listing again [​IMG]

    1. Leghorn (buff, black, dark brown, or red--rosecomb or straight)
    2. Minorca (buff or black)
    3. Faverolles
    4. Buttercup
    5. GOLD Lakenvelder
    6. White-faced Black Spanish

    I think that's it for now, I'm pretty much wanting something on the smaller side of LF that I might be able to show at some point. Except for the Gold Lakenvelders, I just love the looks of them [​IMG]

    I am only looking to add 1 new breed, from the above list. Whichever I can find in quantity with preferable quality. Thanks

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