LF Frizzled Naked Neck Olive Eggers

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    OLIVE GREEN eggs that hatch unique hybrid OE babies, in variation, are now available.

    $10/6 currently.

    These babies will lay green eggs of their own when mature.

    Incompletely dominant traits (Naked necks and Frizzled feathers) will only hatch sometimes (about 50% each), and should NOT be bred together when these birds are mature, to prevent debilitating feathering problems, but can be reproduced with smooth-feathered, non naked necked mates, again, about 50% of the time).

    These birds are very friendly, intelligent, medium sized LF. They are excellent foragers. They lay very consistently, and mature in about 4 months to a decent meat bird. Their parents are not related. We are hatching at about 90% with total initial fertility. Most of the babies are feathering out black with a few white and blonde highlights, and a few are a uniform, laced slate. They have 4 toes and long legs. Their papa looks like a hilarious burnt popcorn with feet and follows his people like a puppy, hoping for treats. He is a very gentle, laid back guy, dispite his odd appearance.

    Shipping is $15, anywhere in the U.S.
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