LF: Large-Fowl Sumatras in NY (or close by)


7 Years
Mar 19, 2013
Upstate NY
I am looking to add one or two pullets/hens to the flock to pair with my cockerel next Spring. I'd prefer from a show-line (not necessarily show-quality themselves, but from healthy stock, I am breeding toward the APA standard), but really just healthy birds that are purebred Sumatras would be good.
Girls must be:
-Purebred Sumatras
-Large Fowl
-Multi-spurred/from a multi-spur line
Black is preferred.

If no hens/pullets are available then I'm also interested in hatching eggs or straight-run chicks. However I know those aren't common this time of year.
(I do also have his mother and sister, but need to outcross to keep them healthy.)

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