********LF Lavender Araucana cockerel ~Pa~ ***********

wilds of pa

14 Years
Feb 17, 2007
The Blue Mountains of Pa
LF Lavender Araucana cockerel up for auction..

he is our last cull from this project.. he does have the silver factor along with his lavender color..he is a nice size cockerel

For local pick up or will ship him.

He is completely rumpless(no coxy bone) but has 4 sprig feathers coming out his back end, which if plucked you would never know he had them, however I'm not in the business to make something look like it isn't and so you know he has these sprigs which i will not pluck..

he is clean faced and does have white skin but if you breed him to a mate with yellow skin and tufts you will get a % of yellow skinned and tufted chicks from the crossings...you would then further the project lavender along..

i have a new shipping box with bio filters here in case anybody would like him shipped to them for the cost of box and shipping express.

total $60.00

Thanks for looking



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