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    Auction Formatted Listing - Do not PM to bid! - Place bid in a reply!

    Bidding starts at $50.00 (see below for shipping info)
    Additional bids will be in $5.00 increments
    Place your bid as a reply. Make sure to keep checking back to up your bid as needed. Don’t forget to subscribe to this listing so you don’t get out bid!
    Auction starts immediately and will end at 6:00 pm PST on Sunday, March 31, 2013

    This amazing breed is named after the Sulm valley in the region of southern Styria (Steiermark) in southwestern Austria. Sulmtalers have rather large sturdy bodies, with twisted single combs and a tuft-like crest on the back of the head. They are dual purpose.

    The eggs you are bidding on are from Sulmtalers directly imported from Europe! Our Ranch is the only location in the United States that currently sells these eggs. The price is for 10 eggs but you are getting any extras.

    I only ship Monday through Tuesday to make sure the eggs are not stuck at the post office over the weekend. Please pay immediately so I can ship the next day!

    Note that there is an Expedited ($47) and a Priority ($18) shipping option available. The shipping cost covers actual shipping charged by USPS only. I do not charge for packing and materials. This sounds high but the packages are usually over 7 lbs. I have not had any damaged eggs with this system! It's worth the extra weight.
    Please PM me your shipping choice when you win so I can paypal you an invoice.
    Thank you for bidding!
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