LF wellsummer eggs for sale 12 plus

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    there will be 12 +. There are 2 pens with 3 lines. My old birds, (the lighter egg) are straight Channing grisham birds. There are 2 in this pen . I have hatched 50 or 60 of these. The hens pictured are from these birds , mated to a roo I got from eggs from Kansas. They were great color,layer great. The darker eggs are from the pullets pictured and from this cross. The speckled egg is from a calicowood hen. These birds are covered by the my original roo,so he is on his best daughters and the calico wood hen. The paler eggs, is really more terra cotat colored, but has that matte finish on it, is from the original Grisham hens, cover by the best son . These lines of hens have layed very well for me, layed at 5 months and layed through moult and through the winter. They did slow down, but would still get eggs . They are laying well right now. I get 5 or 6 a day from the pullets that have been laying 2 months and the color is great. The I will ship these out Saturday if paid for before 8.30 am central. My PO is only open from 9 until 10.30 on Saturday. Pay pal is [email protected] Please leave me feed back . Most of the eggs will be from the 2nd pen. I got 11 eggs today from 11 layers and finished a private sale,so will be a 12 plus no problem.
    [​IMG] roo and pullets
    [​IMG] pullets
    [​IMG] roo and hens
    couple of pic of some chicks that hatched last weekend from these pens[​IMG]
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    just got my eggs from you this week! Very nice eggs and wonderfully packaged!! Lots of quality lines for these birds!
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    Started hatching yesterday. Perfect chicks. Big and very active right out of the shell. Couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Thanks a bunch!!!

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