LFyoung laying pullets, D Uccles, and bantam cochins

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    Suffering from incubatoritis!!!!

    I am overrun with chicks and need to sell some. I surely hope someone in the area would like some nice young healthy chicks. I have nice birds and just would like to find good homes for them. They are all young and very nice. $5 a piece

    I live near Eau Claire Wisconsin which is about an 1 1/2 hour drive from the Twin Cities, and hour drive to Abbotsford, and a 2 hour drive to LaCrosse. Too hot to ship. About 2 hrs from Spooner I think.

    I have 2 barred rock pullets 8 weeks, 2 EEs Large fowl 8 weeks,,,,,,

    2 trios of VERY NICE blue cochin bantams,,,,,,,,males are 5 mnths, females three months

    a pair of 1 millie fleur cochin roo with a black mottled pullet 5 mnths,,,,,,,,

    4 blk mottled cockerals 5 mnths,,,

    a trio of millie d uccles (the cockeral is pure millie D Uccle and the pullets are a millie D Uccle X serama cross but very cute 4 mnths,,,,,,,,

    some mottled black with orange highlights D Uccles , the colors are constatny changing on these, 3-4 mnths,,,

    a couple of black silkies (dont know gender)

    2 black rock pullets (or possible 1 male and 1 female) 8 weeks,,,,

    1 very pretty blue rock cockeral 8 weeks,,,

    And some very nicely shaped blk Ameraucana bantams. A pair of adults(1 year) and 2 babies I think are also a pair. These are very nicely shaped but have a purple sheen to the feathers, not a green sheen.

    These are just a few pictures I have on the computer:

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    Do you ship?

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