Lg animal vet to help me with chicken. What meds to avian vets use???


11 Years
Mar 31, 2008
I've got my large animal vet coming out Monday morning to give the horses their yearly shots and I think it's time for one of our oldest hens to be put down. I know she's been a little off in recent weeks and earlier in the week I removed a lot of light yellow fluid from her lower abdomen.

I had suspected she was on internal layer, but it never seemed to bother her until she began retaining so much fluid. Even though I removed what must have totaled close to a cup of fluid, today she seems just as bloated as before and I noticed yesterday she didn't free range much in the yard, mostly laid in the sun. I can't stand the thought of her not feeling well, and I know as prey animals, chickens don't really want to show how bad they feel as self preservation.

My vet is open to helping me, but I was hoping to tell what meds he needs, how much to use and where to find the best vein. If I have to, I can dispatch her myself, but I was hoping for a more peaceful passing for our sweet old Goldie girl.

Thanks for your help,


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