LG Auto Turner Vs. Turning by hand?

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  1. Hi everyone! I am in need of some pre-hatching project advice. My mom and I are planning on starting our third hatch project some time this year and since our last two turned out awful (First batch didn't develop past two weeks, second batch had only 3 develop pretty far but then died.) we are going to be making modifications to our incubator.

    I have an LG still air. We are planning on buying the fan system for it to make it a forced air before we start our next project. Now my remaining question is: Which is better? Using my LG automatic turner, or turning the eggs by hand.

    So far I am pretty displeased with the turner. Our last two hatches we did a good job at regulating the temp and humidity, so I assume the turner was partially why my hate rate was awful.

    So what do you recommend? And are there any other modifications you suggest to boost my hatch rate?

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    I have a turner and I really like it because I don't have to keep letting the heat and humidity out to turn the eggs. Having a forced air over a still air should help.
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    I did about three hatches without an egg turner and did fine. I recently purchased one though because I was going on a weekend trip and needed the eggs to be rotated. I like the convenience but I don't know that it does any better than I do. The only exception is that if you do alot of eggs; it is almost essential to keep the eggs in order (IMO).
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    I added a fan to my LG a few days before lockdown. I turned by hand. Hatched 8 out of 11. CONSTANTLY had to fiddle with the knob to keep temp regulated and squirted water in several times a day to maintain humidity.

    Worst temp spike noted: 103.
    Worst temp drop noted: 95.6.
    Lowest humidity during lockdown noted: 26%.
    Highest humidity during lockdown: 70%.

    Getting a REAL Incubator: PRICELESS

    Mary [​IMG]

    p.s. to answer your question, I would get the turner, but what I really hope is that I never have to use my LG again.
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