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    I have a Lg bator and this is day 19 and I cant keep my hum high enough the water wells in the bottom I just noticed are leaking (dropped it last time I stored it for winter and I guess I busted the styrofoam)so anyone have any suggestions on how to raise my humidity the highest I can get it is 38% so just soaked a old washcloth and laided in there with the eggs and it has came up a little bit. sure hope I havent ruined my hatch so far on this hatching the eletric has been out twice and now my humidity has dropped off on on of the most imporant days.just my luck its the first time I have bought eggs to incubate......figures.
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    Jun 6, 2009
    First...are you sure your hygrometer is correct. Sometimes they are way off or even stuck. If they are correct then I would suggest that you put put several wet, WARM washcloths in there.

    Space them out and always use warm water when you add water. Go to the local pet store and get some air tubing that they use for aquarium tanks. I bought the blue flexible silicone stuff.
    You will also need a syringe to add water through the tubing. Mine is a 50cc. You can try to find one at the pet store too. I think mine came in a box of wormer.
    When you need more humidity put the tubing through the vent hole and with the syringe suck up and add warm water to the washcloths. Because the tubing is flexible you can aim it where you want it to go.
    Try to not get the water on the eggs.
    Also, only do a little at a time so that you don't over hydrate which is easy to do. Good Luck

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