LG Little Giant #9200 Still Air Incubtaor *New* Design


In the Brooder
6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
I purchased a LG #9200 a couple weeks ago for my first chick/duck hatch attempt. I am finishing this batch and wanted to make the lockdown process a little easier so I went out and bought a new LG #9200 yesterday. It's quite different than the one I got a couple weeks ago. A little research and I found that the first one is the 2010 model and the newer one is 2012. I am liking this 2012 design a lot more. It is much easier to access the spots to add water. The bottom is not nearly as shallow so the top can be slid off without knocking the eggs around. Also, there is much more space between the screen and the heat coil. It has handles too. I have not compared them as far as maintaining temperature and humidity. I plan on exchanging the older model for the new tomorrow. I would recommend that if you go out to buy a LG product that you check the model manufacture date and get the latest model. Hope this helps!

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