LG still air LOCKDOWN - humidity too low??


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May 18, 2009
We are on day 20 and the humidity in our LG still air will not go up. We have filled the bottom with water and added a sponge. It's been low most of the day...will the chicks make it? How do I get the humidity higher? Any help would be much appreciated.
I have the same incubator and in order to get the humidity up, I had to add a couple small bowls of warm water and I got it right where it needed to be. Hope this helps you some.
Thanks, luvmychickas! I'm nervous about opening the incubator at this point...should I open it to raise the humidity or leave the humidity where it is and risk them drying out? Everything I read says don't open the incubator during lockdown for ANY reason.
I don't know what to do!!
No problem
Trust me a couple lockdowns ago, I was where you are. I would just open to get some more water in there. When I did that to mine the next day 2 of them hatched and I was lucky that I got those guys. So I would do it again. I am sure there are many differing opinions on this, but I am going by what worked for my babies
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Ok...I'm going to do it!! I think it's the best thing to do. Wish me luck
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I have hatched 14 so far, and they hatched at different times, I had to open the bator to get them out when they were dry. I also open to add water, and I haven't lost any yet. They are all doing well.

Walmart has a huge sponge in the dishwashing section. I put that in mine and it keeps the humidity as high as I need it. I run around 65-73%.

The sponge is probably at least 2 inches thick by 5 or 6 inches long.
We go on lockdown tomorrow
10 Cream Brabanter eggs; 3 with movement inside, 4 clear-ish (opening the last 3 of those tonight, ugh), and 3 dark with a 'saddle-like' air cell (checking those tonight...maybe they will move for me
I raised humidity with some plastic Easter egg halves placed in the ends of the rack with water in them.
There is also a piece of IV extension tubing with a 20cc syringe, without the plunger, to act as a funnel to get more water down to the reservoirs. Ask your local healthcare professional... opened but unused packages are often left over at the end of the day.
I had a sponge in there at the beginning, and took it out because it kept getting to 75% It's a pop-up sponge, bought by the bag at Trader Joe's a loooong time ago.
I thought they were all dead after the LG went up to 104+ on a hot day.
I put two dishes in with warm water....added more warm water to the sponge and put the vent plugs back in....it's still only at 56%. On the upside...yesterday was day 19 not 20 so hopefully they are still ok. Any other ways to get the humidity up? I am afraid to use a humidifier in the room as there are two other incubators in there that are not in lockdown.

Good Luck Laurieks!!
did you get some movement??

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