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    This should work for all still air bators. I use a 9200 with a turner. I have learned to take my time, so if I am going to start the eggs on the 15th of the month, I turn the bator on, on the 1st. It has the turner in it, once the temp is up I place bags of water in it and let it come back to temp. This may take 8 or 9 days to get it right. Then I DO NOT touch it. When the time comes I will set them, usually around noon. This way I will not be tempted to touch the temp dial until the next morning. But it should now be holding at between 100 and 101, right where it should be. The humidity will be between 35 and 40. While I am home I will check the temp every few hours if I remember. More than likely in the morning and at night. I WILL NOT add touch the temp control or add water, unless the humidity goes to 25 and stays there for two hours. I will then add enough water to bring the humididty up to 35, about an ounce. That is where it stays until day 18, at this time I bring the humidity up to 58 for the last three days. I use a couple of tricks that most don't think of, I keep the glass covered except to check the temp. Most of the broody hens I know will hide her nest in the darkest spot she can find, then sit on the eggs. Very little if any light ever touches the eggs. If the temp drops this time of year I use an exterior light to bring it back up, I DO NOT touch the temp control. Once the temp goes back up I lift the light up. I have my bators on my drafting table which had a shelf above the main table. On the shelf I have a goose neck light with a 60 watt bulb. Believe me I didn't get it right the first time, I worked this out over the years. I candle my eggs before placing them in the bator, then again on day 18 when I take the turner out. Now if I can smell something bad coming from the bator or see a wet egg that is different. I find the bad egg and remove it. This is why you find a broody hen kicking an egg out of the nest, it is bad.
    I know a lot of people don't like the LG's and other still air bators, I think they don't give them a chance. They are touchy, this is the reason I don't touch them any more than I have to. And they don't set them up right, they want to turn it on and in 21 days they want the chicks to be there. It doesn't work that way. When I was hatching a 1000 or more chicks a week, I didn't have time to check them every day. Yet the hatch rate was near 100% time after time. Let my wife set the eggs and the hatch rate was near 20%. Let me tell you, she tried her heart out, just never could do it right.
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    where do you put the water, in center or sides at set-up for humity, on the LG?
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    On the bottom you will see some troughs, I only use the one in front unless it is extreemly dry. Then on day day 18 I may need to use the ones on the sides. If you can keep the one in front full, that is all you need. I have a funnel set up that I use to fill the trough. If it is very dry in the summer, I may have to fill it 5 or 6 times a day. This is a time I watch the bator more than any other. I don't want to drown any chicks, nor do I want them struck in a dry shell.

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