LG temps either 97.4 or 100.4???

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by HathawayHens, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. HathawayHens

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    Apr 14, 2010
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    I have an LG bator, just added a fan kit. It has been holding temps perfectly, the only problem is that I can only get it to go between 97.4 and 100.4... no matter how little I turn the dial up or down, it will not set to 99 or 99.5! I even used the knob trick! Any thoughts on this, and if I have to choose, would it be better to incubate at 97.4 or 100.4?? Ack! Thanks all - getting new eggs in two weeks, so have a little time to "fiddle" if needed, also DH has the ability to "tinker" with electronics if anyone thinks that could help. [​IMG] Thanks!
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    If it were my bator I'd use 100.4 & keep a close eye that it doesn't spike at some point.

    They can go safely to 102 even 103 - especially if its just for a short time like the heat on heat off cycle of a bator.

    Its when they get above 104 that you really start to do some damage.

    In any case - they will hatch a day or two early if they run at that heat. Some people say this can cause development issues. I don't know.

    My second hatch ( this past Thursday hatched several chicks on Wednesday a day early & several more on Thursday & Friday. I like mine to cycle between 99 & 101 if I can keep it that tight. It does pretty well - its a house thermostat so it does'nt react the fastest to the temp change like a wafer one would. But I've had two good hatches so far. & though I've discovered issues with my home made incubator - none of them have been temp related.
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    LG papers say 99.5 with a fan or at least as close as you can be to that 99.4??
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    as the chicks grow it will change the temp a little, but being between 99.4 and 100.4 is ok some even say 101 is ok ........I would just leave it where it stays as long as there are no spikes.
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    Which thermometer are you using? I have 3 in mine, the one that come with, a round disc type and an aquarium one. All taped to the sheet of the one that came with. I've noticed that aquarium and disc keep constant temp of 100. Came with fluctuates depending on egg turner and if bulb end is up, closer to heat or down.
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    May 13, 2008
    Quote:Well then it not holding temp's perfectly then is it 97-100 is quite a swing but then that is an LG for ya, you may never get it to the correct temp, I think there is a paragraph in the LG manual that say's just pray alot.

  7. Baralak

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    Yes... What thermometer are you using? If you are using a digital thermometer, that might be a lot of the problem.
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    Quote:what thermometer would you ,or should we use .
  9. HathawayHens

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    LOL re: pray a lot...

    I am using two different digitals right now, but each reads 100.4, I try to inch it down and come in an hour or two later to each reading 97.4 [​IMG] I can go tomorrow and grab an aquarium thermometer to see if that makes a difference, but my concern right now is that I can't get any temps in between... it seems to hold well at whichever one I pick, though. Weird.

    I just used it for a hatch before adding the fan, and chicks hatched a little early, lost 3 / 11 dead in shell. I think the temps might have spiked a bit. Now, I see no spikes, but just can't get it spot on to 99.5. I will try with a good 'ol aquarium thermometer and see.
  10. Baralak

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    Well let me show you something then read below...


    You will notice in this picture that there are 4 thermometers in my ator... EACH show domething differern.

    Get bulb thermometer Place it on top of the eggs in the batoer then take a reading..

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