LGBT chicken keepers?


Oct 7, 2015
SE Oklahoma
I fall somewhere on the asexual umbrella but am romantically attracted to people who are cis, trans and those in betwixt, basically any and all genders. I've been keeping birds since 2015 and am wanting to expand to a small farm set up!

The older I get, the more I'm interested in 'the old ways' of canning and being incredibly self sufficient on my own land. I'm hoping my dude and I are able to get that ball rolling soon!

I currently have EExWyandotte mixes!

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Apr 30, 2014
Roanoke area, Va.
Found out yesterday that one our cousins is a lesbian. Our mom found out when she had gone to speak with her 2 step-sisters last week. She hasn't spoken to either her step-sisters in years due to their mother. We only found out yesterday because my parents left for a trip the same day as the talk.
Kind of a round about way to find out but it could be weirder...

My brother was married in a "gay wedding" but he's not gay... 2 of the (3) bridesmaids and one of the groomsmen were lesbians.

Christy is more friends with my brother than with his then bride and she doesn't wear dresses so they rented her a tux and everyone called her Chris for the ceremony so as not to offend the people at the church they rented, she's what I refer to as a "Beiber Lesbian" (yes, I know, probably not the most politically correct but they look like Justin Beiber!) the ones that have that teenaged boy look about them and really could go be assumed to be male or female so no one figured out she was female and everyone was happy.


Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
Kind of a round about way to find out but it could be weirder...
Mainly the talk was about their father's death but then after that they started talking about all that what's been going on throughout the years.
We've met our aunts and at least 2 of our cousins before crap hit the fan years ago but not the rest of their family.
I was actually surprised to find out we had a cousin who was lesbian. We might not be related but we do still consider them family.

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