LGD-Can you have a LGD in the pasture and then

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    Jan 17, 2009
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    I was wondering if you had a LGD in a pasture area with sheep, chickens, etc., could I have it out with me when I fed the calves, did yardwork, garden work etc.? Or is it once it is the pasture that is where it stays so to speak? We haven't had trouble with animal predators. However, I like having a dog around that will alert us to someone coming around. Your thoughts or experience would be appreciated.
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    I would have two; I have Great Pyranese and they are a great team, although we are very quiet here. Scout does a lot of barking and Belle is the one who runs the fence. . .they don't eat a ton of food and are always so happy to see you, that i think it would be a great addition to your little farm!!!
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    yes you can. Some breeders frown on it, thinking that they should be LGD only, but mine seem to do dual purpose just fine. I have 2 males out back, one female and a white GSD out front. My males run with the livestock etc... but when I'm out they are often with me, if they hear something they run back out there, then back to me. At night they are out with the critters mostly, unless I am feeding up or not feeling well..... they seem to know, and then they stay by me till i'm back by the house. the other day the girls out front would not come when called. Noticed them laying by one of the swans. Swan was tangled up in netting and both dogs were laying with him until help got there..
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