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I am just getting the word out about a new dog in the rescue I work with. Her name is Andorra (Annie), and she came to a local shelter as a stray. We believe she is just over 2 years old, and most likely a Great Pyrenees (mix?). So far, she has been exposed to ducks, chickens, goats, and horses. She was good with the smaller creatures, but acted like she has not met horses before - curious, not really inapropriate. She does not care for other dogs.

I'll be getting much better pictures with my good camera this afternoon, but this will give you an idea of her beauty! If interested, or if you know someone who might be, please contact me
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A proper hello includes shaking hands (and paws)

she did jump up to give face kisses, but was oh so gentle!


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Wow.. now there is one gorgeous dog... I'd almost trade Lilly for her! Spectacular. Wish I lived on a farm.


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You nut

She is beautiful. I would love to have her with my critter crew bue I have two other doggies.

I hope you find her a good forever home.


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She certainly looks the a Great Pyrenese. The way to tell if she is mixed or not is to look and see if she has an extra toe on each foor. Only purebreds have the extra one. She sure is a pretty girl though.


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Mar 12, 2007
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So far she seems like she would do well in the house, although she is a bit of a "bull in a china shop". First thing she did when in her foster home is put her feet on the kitchen counter to smell what she could just barely see. She really likes being outside the best, but loves lots of company from people.

She completely adores children - BUT - she has the habit of 'gently' jumping up on every person she meets, and when a 90 pound dog gently jumps up on a child (or unsuspecting adult), there is a great chance of somebody falling down. Also - I noticed she likes to follow the foster Mom's feet around, almost like my heeler does. Only she has never actually touched her feet when following - but gets as close as possible to doing so.

I posted a bunch of new pictures and updated her adoption page. I haven't gotten the pictures loaded onto my photobucket page yet, so for now if anyone is interested in better pictures, please click on her adoption page. I have a short video there as well, so people can get a better idea of what she really looks like:


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