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My Coop
I'm looking for someone who breeds LGD's and uses them as such. Cash (our 1/2 Anatolian) is now more than 5 years old and already slowing down (he's close to 100lbs). So I'm just starting to put my feelers out there for our next LGD. I'm not set on a specific breed--Anatolian, Great Pyr...Akbash, Maremma, whatever...as long as it does what's it's supposed to, doesn't kill or bother the cats, chickens, geese, ducks or horses...

Our current dogs are a Borzoi (off showing now), Cash and Hank our heeler pup.

Cash has been trained to stay around our house & property and does well...I do realize there is training involved but genetics is just as important (in my opinion) so I don't need/want lectures on training...I just wanted to see who breeds what and people's experiences with each....
These are the people I am going to contact when we are ready for a LGD. We currently have 4 dogs and that is my personal limit (two are elderly - 14.5 yr old heeler and 10.5 yr old Fila).

They have a web site and a blog:



They are always looking for adoptive homes or foster homes - a place where a dog can be evaluated for working is a plus also. They also help with transport.
What a great site. Thank you for posting.

I too am thinking about a LGD for my goats and chickens. My herding dogs are better around the goats but I would never trust them around the chickens that are in their own fenced area.

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