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    Hello, I am new here, but I have read a lot of what you all had to say, I was looking for help with a lice problem, ( the little tan ones).
    I want to thank you all for the help you provided. I have 5 hens, and one had a major infection of lice, I first did the ash and DE treatment, the next day the live lice were mostly all gone, then I bathed her in the sink with 1/4 cup of vinager, 1/4 cup of dish soap, a handful of salt, and 1 drop of tree tea oil. ( was worried about using the tree tea oil, but using so little seemed to work great) I then layed her down and used virgin coconut oil on her nits ( after I dryed her of course) she was dry enough to sleep with her sisters. The next day I took a look at the nits by her vent area, and a lot came off with out to much work, I again put more coconut oil on her and she is running around in the yard happy as can be, will continue to use the ash with a splash of DE in it for the next 4 wks, on all of them, we have cleaned out their home and only used pine shavings, No Straw! And will bath her again in a couple days. Thank you all for posting such great information here, we are new chicken owners, and we want the best for them, organic food, health and love!

    After 3 days of dusting the chickens haven't seen any lice. I continued to dust every other day, and have treated the roost with diluted neem oil and of course more ash! ( our chicken house is plastic, didn't know I would love that so much, we turned our shed into a house for them) we are digging a new dust bath hole today. I had bathed our chicken that was very bad off again, removed most of the big nits, that had soaked in the coconut oil. She still has some small nits, but we haven't seen any lice on her. Probably due to her being dusted so often. Last night when I checked on them before bed, and this morning when I went out, I can see a big difference in them. Way more energy, I also added ACV and a bit of garlic to one of their water feeders, they seem to like it. I will keep dusting a couple times a week. just to make sure we get every single one of those lousy bugs! The girls are out running around the yard, all is good.! Happy New Year! One of our girls is laying an egg everyday now, all I can say about that is YUM!
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    Thank you, and Happy New Year!
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