Lice and mite treatment


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Jun 28, 2009
I have just finished my first hands on treatment for lice /mites. I used a product from Adams called tick,flea and lice treatment for puppies. It's all I could find made by Adams at Wal-Mart, but it did have pyrethrin. Will it be effective? I sprayed under each wing, near the vent, and behind the neck of each bird. I also dusted inside the coop earlier today with poultry dust.

Any thing else I should do? I've never treated for lice/mites this before and would appreciate feedback or suggestions.


BTW, my birds are so ticked at me right now I probably won't see an egg for a week.
I use Sevin dust or Adams flea and tick spray. Dust/spray under the wings, at the base of tail, chest, belly, nape of neck, and top of head(be careful not to spray directly in eyes or vent). Repeat one week later and dust everything in their pens with sevin dust or DE(stall dry at TSC). Good luck!

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