Lice/mites and white washing the coop

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  1. Sally8

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    Dec 11, 2011
    As one who has battled these pests all summer, has anyone ever white washed their coop as a means to help rid these pests? My ancestor's used to have their dairy barns "washed" yearly.
    I've used Sevin twice on them, Frontline Plus, in the beginning. Last night when I checked on them, they were shaking their heads again. [​IMG] Tonight we'll be firing up the wood stove for the first time this year, so I'll have wood ashes soon. I'm actually thinking of culling all 5 and burning the coop down, to start over. I have hens in another coop further away and so far, no little critters. But to start, I'd mix up a batch of the white wash and add Sevin in it, then paint and spray everywhere. My coop is 8 x 10 ft. Any thoughts?
    I'm sure that I brought the lice in myself, when I used to store my bedding under the lean to. [​IMG] There were bird nests overhead. I never gave it a thought. Now I'm just trying to get rid of them.
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    I am battling them again for the 2nd time this year. Don't think I'll burn the coops down but I did go and buy 32 oz of Permethrin 10 Livestock and premise spray. for the second time. I sprayed all the coops top to bottom then put frontline on all the birds as they filed into roost. This morning 2 days after doing all that, Found an egg in a nest box with 1 mite crawling on it. So sprayed again and will be checking each bird individually as they come into roost this evening. I hate the mites and don't know what else to do besides burn down the coops which i don't think my dh would agree to. I've never whitewashed but I heard old timers used kerosene to spray down their coops, I'd be worried that may kill the chickens.
  4. pixiechicken

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    Oct 7, 2013
    I am new to chicken keeping and in these first 4 months as a mummy chicken I have had to deal with sour crop, general snuffles and wheezing and finally mites. I tried the powders to prevent the mites but it did not work. I felt increasingly unsure about using the powder especially because some of my ladies were snuffly. I looked into permaculture and found a lime wash re ipe. I felt I wanted to try this before burning down the coop and buying at great cost an eglu.
    It took 1 week. I cleaned out the coop and then washed it with white spirit to prepare the surface. I then white washed it. The coop went from crawling to only a few mites in 24hrs. I cleaned out the coop again on day 2 and the repeated the white washing. I have continued to clean the coop daily and each day I am pleasantly surprised as I have not found any mites for days now and my ladies have returned to 4 eggs a day. Before the treatment I was getting only 1 a day. I have 4 layers and 3 younger birds.

    The recipe I used was soured milk, lime and salt. It was mixed to a paste and then painted on.

    I found that it filled the smaller gaps in the wood but it must be the alkaline solution that the mites dont like too as I still have gaps.

    Good luck and thank you for this site, it has been of great help to me.
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    Nov 27, 2008
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    What about the mites on your chickens? If you didnt treat your chickens, white washing the coop will have been in vain.
  6. Michael Apple

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    Mar 6, 2008
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    X2. I think whitewashing is time consuming in addition to being less effective. The emulsified concentrates available today wipe out mites/lice and have a good residual. Some are labeled for use on poultry in addition to premise treatment.
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  7. pixiechicken

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    Oct 7, 2013
    I have managed to get rid of the mites with the constant cleaning out. Maybe I've been lucky this time but I can assure you that they have gone. My coop is not massive so it only took 2 hours to paint, in the great scheme of things this doesnt seem to much time.

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