lice/mites or too much roo?

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    Jun 3, 2013
    I posted a short time ago asking about whitish material on the pullets backside. I was thinking it was semen (maybe Roscoe missed) because it was a good bit and kind of drippy. It was gone the next morning, so I thought nothing more of it. But, I still keep seeing whitish matter on their butts. Of course, they wouldn't let me get a good picture. Roscoe is 9 months old, so maybe he's still not competent? Here are some pics, as you can see the pullets back feathers are worn. They don't run from him and let him mate them, so I'm good with leaving things as they are. But, I want to know if this could be mites or lice. I put sevin in the several dust bathing areas and have cleaned and dusted the coop. I'm not around much for them to allow handling but, if it's mites/lice then I have ivermectin and can do drops once they are roosting.

    Sorry, I'd like to have gotten a picture of the butt end but couldn't and now it's storming out.

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