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    I live in southern idaho. We've had a freezing cold winter. The ground is frozen as I type. But we discovered a few of my hens and 2 of my roosters are just INFESTED with lice eggs. I feel disgusted!! I'm usually on top of situations like this, I just didn't expect a bug problem in the middle of winter. What do I do with a heavy problem? Should I cut the egg laden feathers out? I have used lots of DE in the past but it never really seems to do the trick. I hate chemicals but resorted to sevin last summer when I had a pretty bad problem.
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    The only time my birds get bugs is in the winter. They can't dust bathe because everything is frozen solid. They spend more time huddled together for warmth. And they spend more time in the coop out of the wind. That is a recipe for an infestation. You will need to treat the birds for bugs and then re-treat in a week. You don't have to cut out the nits unless they offend you. Some choose to, some don't. All a matter of personal choice. You will also need to treat your coop. That's the biggest pain this time of year with all the bedding frozen to the floor. Hoe the house out completely and spray everything down with an insecticide. Put in new bedding and sprinkle some poultry dust around. Go light on the bedding because the house will need to be cleaned out again in a week.

    Does it sound like I've done this before? I have. The past two winters. This year I got a jump on them early before everything froze, so cleaning out the coop wasn't nearly as painful as it's been in the past. I think I am going to institute a plan for preemptive treatment next winter.

    Bugs are a pain, but pretty easy to deal with. Good luck.
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