Lice or Fried Rice? Hmmm.....

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    I just went outside to feed chickens a snack very quickly (I'm sick with a stomach bug so it was an effort & why I'm not spending more time investigating this ? hands on). I noticed some white streaks, not at the base of, but on middle to the tip of black Australorps's neck feathers; in streaks about inch long. Could be food that she flung on from past snack (although looks too precise, if that makes sense), OR could be lice.

    But all the lice pics I've seen are located at the base of feathers, and don't look this streaky. Anyone have any experience with lice to know if this sounds unlikely? Know I'm going to have to get hands-on to know for sure, but my stomach is WAY too queasy for that right now...& of course I worry about them until I can and would like to have course of action when I do.
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    I would tread with DE thats what I did when my chickens got mites or lice it knocked out the problems when I treated heavily once and then treated again 4 days later because thats is supposedly the things life cycle. I usually treated at night by spinckling each bird with DE. ALso I treated the whole coop to.

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