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    I have seen multiple threads and post concerning the different licensing and permit requirements in Texas for the sale of Poultry, Game Birds, and Eggs from either or both. I have done some extensive research to make sure I am with in the laws for my farm operation, Branton Family Farm. There are four major licenses/permits that you should be aware of when doing "bird business" within the state of Texas. There are actually more that this when you get into possessing chicken to sale for meet, but I won't get into that at this time.

    1. Polonium/Typhoid.

    Your Flock will need to be tested for Polonium/Typhoid. This is a free test, (or at least it used to be.) You can get it done by calling: TVMDL’s Poultry Programs Administrator J.C. Essler at 888-646-5623. Here is also a link with some beneficial information concerning the testing:

    2. Next is Texas Animal Health Commission Fowl (Domestic & Exotic) Registration Application.

    This is where the state of Texas will be glad to take your money. I suppose everyone has to get their cut right. It seem to me that this is just a way to tax us through the back door but it is what it is and you have to have it so here it is.
    a. Fowl Registration Fee. Yes, you heard me correctly, we now have to have our livestock registered in the great state of Texas. Why they need to track our animals, I don't know. I don't like it either but they somehow made it the law, so I suppose we have to live with that. Below are two links to help you with this process. The first link gives you some information about why you have to register your birds and why they decided they needed to raise the price for you to do so. The second link is the application to have your flock registered.

    3. Game Bird Breeders License (Look close, DUCK and GEESE of all varieties are on this list.)

    ● Game Bird Breeder's License Required.
    A license is required to possess game birds in captivity for the purpose of propagation or sale, or for selling game bird eggs.
    ● Game Birds Defined.
    Turkey, Partridge, Mourning Doves, Ducks of all varieties, Bobwhite Quail, White-winged Doves, Geese of all varieties, Scaled Quail, White-fronted Doves, Brandt, Mearn's Quail, Snipe of all varieties, Grouse, Gambel's Quail, Shore Birds of all varieties, Prairie Chickens, Red-billed Pigeons, Chachalaca, Pheasant of all varieties, Band-tailed Pigeons, Sandhill Cranes, Plover of all varieties

    If you are raising or selling any of the following you need this license. The fine is $25-$500 per bird if the game wardon catches you with any of the following birds and you do not have a license Game Bird Breeders License.

    Here is an informational link and the application link bellow.

    4. Temporary Food Establishment Permit

    If you plan to sell your eggs at a farmers market or a farm stand, you will need the Temporary Food Establishment Permit. In Texas, you can sell all the eggs you like directly from your home/farm. However once you leave your property to sell your eggs, Big Brother will want his cut. The first link below is information and rules you must follow to sell eggs at a farmers market. The second one is the application for your permit.


    Friend, I hope this has been helpful. When I started trying to figure out how to get legal in Texas, I realized quickly that it was not going to be easy or cheap. I hope my legwork make your rode a little easier to travel.
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    If you have any additional information to share it would be greatly appreciated. One person made what seemed to be a very important note on another thread. It seems that in Texas, while it is legal for a chicken to have sex with a human, it is illegal for a human to initiate (reciprocate) sex with a chicken. First of all, GROSS!!! Secondly, if your chickens are trying to initiate sex with you, I know a place where you can get some normal chickens.
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    Dlbranton, I would not think that I need a license to raise ducks for eggs for personal use. What if the ducks hatch some eggs? The regulation wording seems vague.

    BTW, I believe my ducks must be normal, as none have, to date, tried to initiate sex with anyone other than the other ducks. [​IMG]

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