Life after blackhead disease?


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Mar 21, 2010
Ok so I lost half my turkey flock to blackhead. They are all healthy now but my question is I need to use my coop that they got sick in... Is there any way to kill the eggs that are left in the soil? I heavily powdered it with hydrated lime but short of moving the coop (which we cant do) what can be done if anything? Thanks for your help!
Just treating that one coop won't prevent Blackhead if you have free range birds or other coops. You can track it in on your shoes. Be prepared to treat it at the first sign, since you know what to look for. That is my plan for the future, since I also lost birds to it.
They do develop a certain resistance to blackhead after exposure much like the resistance to cocci. This is not absolute immunity so think prevention by worming and copper sulfate. Also get some flagyl on hand just in case. Monitor their poop and enjoy your flock.
I HATE THE BLACKHEAD DISEASE!!! I have lost so many beautiful turkeys to it. I was told by the vet that once it is in the soil you can never get rid of it. I was suprised to hear some areas don't have the problem and they can keep chicken with turkeys. good luck JOHN
Birds develop foamy yellow diarrhea and sit huddled up
They appear depressed and ill
They stop eating and get very thin
Increased thirst
Darkening of the facial region
The birds can be so ill, that their wattle and comb goes blue​
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I read that the maximum doseage is 50-65 mg/kg. I didn't know that when my peachicks had blackhead, and I gave them double that amount every day for three days. It cured them though.

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