Life After Prolapse?

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    Sep 19, 2010
    I have a Silkie hen that has kept her prolapse in for 3 days now. She passed a rubber shelled egg even. The real test I think is a hard shell egg, not sure if that is possible with the diet she's on.

    Anyway, should I return her to her flock? They are all on a layer feed. How soon should she go back with them?

    Should she remain a house chicken? Should she ever go back to a layer feed or remain on a low protein diet?

    She is 23 weeks old. I'm not really sure why she prolapsed. I have tried to think of some scenarios and fix it for my other hens to avoid this happening again to them. If it was stress, I removed a mean rooster who was with them. She may be fat, haven't checked (I think I know how, but need to look it up again). I would constantly keep their food bowl not empty. They are confined to a large horse stall, so maybe not enough exercise--I have thrown some scratch grains down to get them to scratch (which has worked). I plan on moving them to a coop with an outdoor run as well.

    Well, if anybody can give me some insight, that would be great! [​IMG]

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