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Mar 5, 2019
SE Missouri, USA
Hello. I was surprised when I went to comment on a post and discovered I wasn’t a member. I got my first chicks in March 2019. At that time I got an Easter Egger, Turken (Naked Neck) and two Olive Eggers (They were BOGO.) My grandchildren were visiting and I picked them so they could see the different color eggs that chickens can lay. In May 2019 I got 3 Bantam chickens - one turned out to be a Minorca and the other 2 were a male & female Cochin. In April 2020 I purchased two Orpingtons and two leghorns. One died on the trip home so I got two Delaware’s. I found a day old gosling on the road in May 2020. We have 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 kittens, Aflac, the guard goose, and 7 chickens. My chickens free range and I lost one to a hawk another to a raccoon and the others (3) died died mysterious. The dogs are trained to protect the chickens, the cat’s go after anything that eats the chicken food- except the goose and chickens. This spring we are adding turkeys to the mix. Eventually, when we get the property fended, we would like to add either cattle or yaks (only a couple head for personal consumption). We live in the Bitterroot National Forest, off-grid, at 5500 ft elevation. Our mailbox is about 8 miles from the house. It is challenging but well worth it.
:frow Hi, Anne Marie, welcome! I lived in the Bitterroot Valley in 1995 or so, outside of Hamilton. Beautiful country but challenging. Hiked up to tin Cup Lake and nearly died of hypothermia (it rained on us); picked huckleberries and had a grand time. Picked Lambert cherries up by Flathead Lake, YUMMMM!. Good memories! I live in SE Missouri now with 23 hens, a rooster and 6 cockerels, 2 Shelties, 2 cats, 2 grandchildren and the most patient husband in the world, lol! So glad you've joined us here at BYC! Hope to see you here often!

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