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  1. good morning.
    When i got my 3 girls 2 months ago, I noticed that one of them appeared to have drier scales on her legs than the others. Now some of those scales are starting to lift a little. I finally succeeded in picking her up today (she HATES that) to get a good look. I don't see any mites, but she does have about 5 scales per leg that appear to be lifting. the rest of her legs look dry. I have read a few post threads related to feet. Does this sound like just dry legs, or probable mites? If it is mites, should they be visible on her legs, under scales? I was going to try later today, with help, to soak her legs and feet, dry them and then apply vaseline. Any other first steps to take? do I have to wash and dry or can I just apply the vaseline without washing?
    She is NOT going to like any of this. She is not very friendly and resists being handled.
    thanks for any suggestions.
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    you will probably never actually see any leg scale mites, just the destruction that they leave behind (and it will only get worse). no need to clean before treatment, but after a week of treating you might want to soak to soften and remove scales. a spray is (i think) easier... spray Pam or WD40 (gets in all the cracks)... i just finished treating all mine (i was stupid and just thought all chicken legs were that ugly, until i started reading on BYC)... i treated everyday for 2 weeks (although when i worked on the weekends , it was really every other day). My chickens' legs and feet are be-u-ti-ful now! (well, as beautiful as a chicken leg can get)
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. A spray seems easier. I think I'll try the olive oil type.
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    I've only had the problem once on some free birds I was given. Surprise! Anywho, I used vaseline. I treated twice, maybe three times. Heavy slathering of vaseline cleared it up pretty quickly.
  5. Thanks - hopefully it will be quick fix.
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    I have heard the same thing about the Vaseline, although the olive oil might easier to put on. I don't know if I would try the WD-40, I would think it would be harmful to them.
  7. Any kind of oil will kill the little suckers. The idea is to drown them in oil. Treat all your fowl and spray their roost real good with oil also..........Pop
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    Quote:I thought the same thing about the WD40, but several people on BYC assured me that it was fine. I used it and had no problems... will use it again. WD40 seemed to be thicker and stick on the legs longer. I would never recommend anything that I have not tried myself.
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    Quote:I have old old hen with it and when she brooded the daughter I kept got it too. I've tried Vaseline without good results. I need to try the WD40.
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    the only problem i can see with wd-40 is that after its applied it will feel sticky and the chickens are gonna peck at it, invariably ingesting some, i'm not sure if it would be enough to cause harm... just my 2 cents

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