light at night? Heat? How do I know?

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    My 16 BO are not quite 8 wks. They free range all day (will need to stop this as they have found the neighbors yard too exciting) and spend their nights in my lovely coop. My question is whether they need a light at night, and if it should be a heat lamp. How would I know if they are cold at night? Whether now is fine (SW Ohio fall temps), but winter will be coming. They seem to need a light at night, otherwise they sleep under a bush/tree and I have to round them all up (so they don't become coyote food).

    Wish they could talk! [​IMG]
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    I had to put a night light in my shed so the chickens would go in at night. I use a solar light that comes on at dusk and goes off when the juice runs out.

    as to heat, there are several posts on here recently about to heat or not to heat. Most indicate, less is better. If you get the chickens used to being warm and the power goes out, they are more likely to have problems.

    some people use a light to extend laying during winter, but from what I've read that has its pros and cons. Sure they might lay more, but its kinda against their nature.

    After reading many posts on here regarding heat, I've decided to go with a heated waterer. It will turn on when temperatures are low to prevent the water from freezing. It will also give off some heat.. but only when temps are below freezing. If the chickens are cold, they can huddle up around it and get some warmth. It should also add some heat to the coop.

    another source of winter heat for me will be my litter. I am using the deep litter method so as it composts, it will generate heat in the coop.

    Don't know if any of that helped, but that's my plan for winter.

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