Light Brahma - 9 weeks - girl or boy?? Thanks!!

I'm hoping hen:) The tail feathers are so different than the other chicks same age (but different breeds) that I was getting worried. HIs/Her tail feathers are like a little poofy cotton ball, but maybe tha's a light brahma thing.

Thanks for replies!
It doesn't look roosterish at this point, but I feel it's way too early to claim female for sure. Brahmas are slow to mature breeds, and the males often don't make themselves known until several months old.
Looks very girly at this point to me. I really worried about my first Brahma because she was feathering in so slowly compared to the other breeds I had. What convinces me yours is a girl is looking at the front shot of the comb. I would expect a boy to have a row of tiny bumps on either side of the main part of the comb, the start of a proper pea comb. Yours doesn't have this so I say girl!
Appears to be an adorable pullet for now! But Brahmas are difficult to sex, so I wouldn't conclude pullet yet. Only time will tell...

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