Light Brahma cockerel in Southern NH


Apr 4, 2019
New Hampshire
I originally posted this in Swaps without realizing Animals in Need of Free Re-Homing was a forum! Much more appropriate for here so I am cross posting...

I am sadly looking to re-home our 19 week Light Brahma cockerel - big, goofy, and beautiful. Appears to be shaping up to be a great roo!

Hand raised since 3 days old, no health issues or concerns, vaccinated for Mareks. Flock favorite, no unprovoked aggression, can be picked up for med checks, etc. Will crowd personal space if fussing with hens - just doing his job :) Located in Southern NH, would prefer to drop him off to you.

Please excuse the pic - it was taken on one of our 90+ degree days and is the best current pic I have!


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