Light Brahma Hen Lavender Orp Roo cross?


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8 Years
Sep 22, 2011
Whidbey Island, WA
I have 3 light brahma hens that have taken to my Lavender Orpington roo, and my cuckoo Marans has gracefully sat upon their eggs, along with her own (cuckoo maransXbirchen marans roo). Can anyone tell me what the babies might look like? I am guessing that they will be black, but I don't know the genetics of light brahmas well. My girls are hatchery quality brahmas, and while big and beautiful, don't quite have the pristine white on the body that show quality has. There is some melanization throughout the white body, and the girls have black tail feathers and some black on their wingtips. any help would be great!

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