Light Brahma in Thailand - Updated Pics, Pullet or Roo Please?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've had my Brahma chicks for about 3 or so weeks now and it's driving me crazy trying to figure out if I've got pullets or cockerals! I posted photos soon after I got them and was so appreciative of the opinions given at that time, however, now that they are a couple of weeks further along in age I thought I'd post some new pics.

    They are now 6 1/2 weeks old. This one is currently being called Tilly. Is Tilly a she or a he please?? I've tried to give as many clear photos as possible to help determine the sex accurately. Thanks, look forward to finding out what I've got. I know I should probably just be more patient, but don't want to wait until one either crows or lays an egg!!! haha
    Actually, all three of them appear to be practising crowing? Stretching their necks out and opening their beaks but not a single sound comes out! I'm pretty sure I don't have 3 cockerels as this one stands out as quite different from the other two in my humble opinion.

    I've been researching this forum heaps, but will bow to the experts! Please do explain why you think it is either one sex or the other because I really do want to learn.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    the chicken in question is on the far left of your screen

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    again the chicken on the far left

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    many thanks for taking the time with this for me.. [​IMG]
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  2. Illia

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    Looks like a bunch of pretty pullets [​IMG]
  3. I have had light brahmas before and I can tell you they can be a bit difficult to sex sometimes until they hit 8-10 weeks old....

    I will take a guess though, your bird in question I want to lean towards being Male.

    Why do I say this? They are 6.5 weeks, the two others have farther along tail development - something male brahmas tend to be slower at (Point 1 to being ROO)
    the close up shot of hackles from the side I swear I see definitive points (again columbian pattern can be difficult but you took a GREAT close up shot that looks to me - to show definate points) - (Point 2 to being ROO)
    Since there are no other face shots of the other two I can't say for sure, but I remember my boys didn't get color to them till 8-10 week but your bird is already pinkish in the comb area and is developing a tad bit of waddles @ 6.5 weeks (point 3 to being a ROO) and your birds look to be from good stock, so I wouldn't expect to see much waddles as an adult - male brahmas aren't supposed to be heavy combed or heavy in the waddles like other breeds.

    The only thing that is throwing me off is the tail development while slow, I do not see any definitive pointed saddle feathers yet, but it could just be because his tail is coming in slow.

    I guess 75% sure you got a Trio of birds 1 Roo and 2 Pullets
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  4. Hi,

    Illia and Scared of Shadows, thanks for taking the time to respond to my photos. I really appreciate it. [​IMG]

    From all of my research on this forum about sexing Brahma chickens I had a good idea about the type of photos the experts would need to see. And, thankfully, the chickens were really good for me and stood nice and still. I love the Brahma breed, they are so friendly. At night when I turn the light off they kind of whimper, guess they must be scared of the dark. Soooooo cute!

    By the way, this is my first experience of raising chickens.

    Scared of Shadows, thanks so much for your very full explanation of why you think he's a cockerel. I really do want to learn from others here on this forum and what you've written is so helpful. Thanks.

    Does anyone else want to give an opinion?
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    I am highly jealous! Gorgeous birds! Where on earth did you get them?! Are you located in the US?
  6. Hi rodriguezpoultry,

    Thanks. I think they might turn out to be quite pretty. I live in Thailand. Might be a bit far for you to come! Someone here has just started bringing them in from The Netherlands. They have a chicken farm here and have started breeding them. They also own a local pet shop and this is where I saw them. Completely love at first sight and even though I don't yet have a chicken coop built (during the day they are in the make-shift run you see in the first photo, and at night they are in a spare bedroom!), I just HAD to have some!!!

    Might I enquire please on your opinion - pullet or cockerel??
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    They look like pullets to me except the one on the left is a ??. I have 2, and they get so big so fast and mine can be bossy, so I questioned them quite a bit for a awhile. It wasn't until they were about 17 weeks I finally decided they were girls. They are slow to mature, but at 23 weeks mine are definitely girls.

    I had one other breed that ended up being a roo and he bossed everyone around... once I rehomed him at 16 weeks the 2 light brahmas became the bossy ones... getting all tall and pecking at the other ones... yelling at the other girls if they got too far or weren't doing what they wanted. It made me question them more. Their combs looked like your girls and haven't gotten too much bigger in the last couple of months... yes, they have gotten redder, but I think with a roo at that point you'll expect more.

    Sorry - I will have to say... chicken on the left I would question. With all of that overhanging fluff it does look more roo than the other 2. My girls have huge fluffy butts, but their tail feathers go up when they are in that position.

    Here are my girls at about 21 weeks...

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  8. Hi jenesis536,

    Yes they sure do get big fast....they're still only babies but they're huge! I have one, who I am desperately hoping is a pullet, who is so bossy! She's the tallest of all three. These other two, their combs started developing maybe a week before the chicken in question. Sometimes, depending on the light, the other two's combs look quite red, other times quite peachy. Oh, I do hate this. I seem to be swaying from pullet to roo from one day to the next.

    Actually, I would be thrilled if the one I've posted pictures of was a roo!! It is so very different to the other two which are far more alike. And, I would prefer to have 2 pullets and just the one roo.

    I have read somewhere on this forum that pullets have an inverted "U" shape to their tail, looking from behind them. I don't see this "U" in this particular chicken, however I do see it in the other two. Trouble is....the combs of the other two are a tad more developed and possibly a little redder, and they both have slightly more developed wattles, and I think I can see a slight green sheen to their black tail feathers......I really really don't want two roosters! Do pullets have a green tinge to their black tail feathers too? Oh please...someone tell me they do! The other two, their tails stand up straight and stiff. This chicken has a fluffy, poufy tail...pretty much no tail yet.

    Thanks for your reply. I'm trying to soak up everyone's combined knowledge.
  9. If someone could please tell me if Light Brahma pullets have a green sheen to their black tail feathers I would really appreciate it. Thanks [​IMG]
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