Light Brahma, Mabel. Pullet or Cockerel?


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Hopefully my video posts...

The chick in question is just over 8 weeks. Her temperament is nothing like I've read about for the breed: very bossy! Her clucks have become very low, as compared to the rest of our flock. She is our only Light Brahma, however, and perhaps it is just a breed thing?

She was sexed when delivered through MPC.

Don't you just love dirt baths?
The video's cute, but not what we need for sexing. Profile pictures of the bird, including head and legs, are best, plus a close up of the comb if you can get it.

I hope these will work! Also, her tail feathers are much less developed than the chicks of other breeds. Happy to get a vid of her low-clucks if that helps. Her legs are just huge! (I was raised in Latin countries...we appreciate a girl with extra meat on her...and while I assume that ideology transfers to the chicken world, we just can't have a too :(.
Sorry, but I'm leaning toward male. I'm not positive at this point, brahmas are slow to mature and the boys can "hide" for a while lol. but the slow feathering, the thick legs, and the pea comb looks to be getting three rows---those all say male. Maybe post again around 3 months?
I just looked at your photos, and I'm also leaning towards "her" being a rooster. "She" isn't very well feathered (males are usually slower to mature than females), the legs are thick, and it has a tall stance. All of these are rooster traits. Still, Light Brahmas are slow to mature, so we can't be certain of the gender yet.
Thank you TREMENDOUSLY for your input!! I will post in another month for sure. "She" has been SO different from her flockmates from the get-go. I'll miss my lil' mouthy, gender-confused bird...

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