Light Brahma mix Cockeral - Decided to keep

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    May 29, 2009
    We have a light brahma mix cockerel looking for a new home. I am not certain if he is mixed with one of our easter eggers or a sussex because he looks just like his daddy. He was hatched out by a local kindergarten class and was the only boy. He was initially raised indoors with his sisters and is now in a large brooder with them on the front porch away from our adult flock in the backyard. They are fed Dumor chick food and are given greens (mostly kale) daily.

    His dad, Sargent Marshmallow, is a very mellow easy going rooster and while he doesn't like to be picked up, he does come running for treats. He is also well behaved around small children. We expect that this little guy will have a similar disposition.

    So, if you have room in your flock, please let me know! Local pick up only please. :)


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