Light Brahmas vs. Dark Brahmas

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    I have a small flock of 18 chicks. 5 Light Brahmas,7 Dark Brahmas,3 BR,2 SLW and 1 New Hampshire. They are 4 wks. old and I put them in their new coop yesterday. When they were 2 wks. old I noticed a couple of the light ones were being pecked around the tail area enough to draw blood so I removed the light ones to a brooder of their own. I placed the light ones in the coop 4 or 5 hours before putting the rest in. This morning when I checked on them I thought I noticed a couple of the light ones with peck marks on them. These chicks were all hatched together and have been together from day 1. I have had Light brahmas in the past and had no problems what so ever. The light ones are a little bit bigger than the rest so my question is, are the Dark Brahmas just more aggressive than the Light ones or what? I would hate to have to get rid of the dark ones because I really wanted some of each. Thanks for any info.
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