Light Green runny poop and lethargic 5month old hen

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    Can anybody help? One of our BO hens has been sitting in the corner of the pen most of the day. Her crop is empty. When we pick her up and put her on her feet, she just stands there, then kinda sits back down. She is able to walk, though slow. Don't think it's anything related to her walking. She is very lethargic. We moved her in the "hospital" we have, just to separate her from the others. There used to be a great website with all kinds of pictures of chicken poop and what each poop meant, but I can't seem to locate it on my favorites list. Anybody know which site I am referring to? and the web address?

    Any ideas on my hen? I've got a "chicken medicine cabinet" full of stuff.......but she's not showing any respiratory symptoms, just the lethargy and green runny poo.....
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