Light Lavender Silkie Rooster NPIP PQ

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    Jul 4, 2009
    I have up for bids a Light Lavender Silkie Rooster. He is a very light Lavender, when he was born he was almost a purple and he has since faded. He does throw lavender chicks. He is a very nice rooster. He has only one fault as you can see in the picture the single comb. His feet spacing is great, foot feathering great. no streamers on his tail. nice top hat. I used him in my project pen and now have a differant rooster to switch him out with. He will make a great starter bird for anyone trying to get lavenders. He throws nice babies. He is 1 yr old. NPIP OH-432 I would say that he is a very diluted lavender but is in fact a Lavender.

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