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    Dec 30, 2008
    We are totally new to raising chickens.We are currently building a permanent coop for our 8 2-month-old chicks. There is a large fluorescent light that is on all night nearby the area in the barn that is available to build the coop. Will this bother the chickens? We are building a three space nesting box.Thanks for your help
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    Hello and Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    We live in the country and all-night security lights are a big thing here. Our yard is surrounded by to the east, one to the north and 2 to the west.

    When we first move our "gang" outside, they resided in the modified Chick-N-Barn/Yard in our front yard (souh-facing) and there was no problem with late night crowing because of the security lights (they really couldn't see them).

    When we finally finished the main coop and run (it runs west to east), they were able to see all of the lights and the first few nights the boys had a field-day crowing at them. We apologized profusely to the closest neighbor (and took up fresh eggs) and he told us that he was enjoying it as it reminded him of when he was a boy. Whew! [​IMG]

    They've finally gotten used to the lights and rarely crow at night anymore...unless it's a nice, bright full moon. [​IMG]

    The windows of the coop face west, looking towards two of the lights but luckily our trailer seems to block out the worst of the shine from them.

    The girls could care less about the lights. [​IMG]

    Hope this is some help!


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