Light on at night for baby chicks?!

Coturnix Quail

5 Years
Jul 3, 2016
I need to know now before I sleep, should I leave the heat lamp on at night? This specific one is dangerous, so until I get a new one tomorrow, I turned it off, theyre in the boiler room, so are they gonna be ok? Theres 50 of them. Thanks!
Yeah! They're all okay,but as I said in that post, one died probobbly of natural causes, because it was in the morning. :(
Yeah, a few more died, but I got the right lamp and put it on at night and they're all doing well again!! I'll keep you updated!
Wish me luck!!!
The light lets them have light to eat whenever they want (growing babies etc) but also if it's the right kind of bulb, it can give them warmth, too, which they should have 24x7 for a few weeks. I typically find that at around 3 weeks old, their feathers have come in and they don't need the light on all the time as much as before. At that time, I start turning off the light in the night time to give them the simulated day and night cycle.

They probably go outside to the real natural day and night time somewhere between 3-4 weeks old.
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